All the Missing Girls a 2019 bestseller


Reading is a Little difficult when you do not find a book that fits your personal taste.  However, you can begin following the recommendations of the bookstore or with the Bestsellers, which refer to most bought or popular books.  On this edition of Art and Culture, we will be talking especially about one, which is perfect for fans of suspense.

It is called All the missing girls which although is not a new book it was released last year and became one of public’s favorites even this 2019.

This 336 pages book keeps the reader captivated since the first pages.  The story began with the return of a girl to her hometown to take care of her sick father after her best friend disappeared.  Everything turns completely mysterious when people from the past began appearing and a new disappearance will make the main character discover no one is what they seems to be, not even her own friends.

If you are looking for a new book this Bestseller by Megan Miranda will be, without doubt, in your list.