Beach to Bay Marathon: Be prepared to participate in Corpus Christi


Every year since 1976, runners and fun seekers take their running shoes and gather together in Corpus Christi, Texas to face this expected marathon. This year will be taking place on May 19th.

Beach to Bay has become in one of the largest relay marathon in the United States. It attracts runners from all the United States, Kenia, England and Mexico, Beach to Bay has an annual registry of more than 2,000 teams and is also an annual tradition for many of these runners, who gather with friends that had run previous marathons.

This is a six races event, in relays as well as in complete marathon format for those preferring to face a solitary challenge, which approximately adds 26,2 miles on the Gulf Coast beach, the pavement, which also includes the JFK Causeway is an excellent route.

Starting on the sand, going through the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, and finishing at the McCaughan Park throughout the scenic Corpus Christi Shoreline Drive, you will have an excellent view the entire route.

Beach to Bay, in addition of promoting sports, honors men and women serving our country.

More information:

The Beach to Bay Marathon
c/o Corpus Christi Roadrunners
P.O. Box 8750
Corpus Christi, Texas 78468
(361) 980-1182