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Victoria Secret.

Working out doesn’t mean you have to always wear loose clothes or non-style clothes. There are many trendy items, and you’re going to feel very motivated when you see them only for their beautiful designs.

Victoria Secret has many options, the brand not only do lingerie but also beauty products, a special line for teenagers and one of the favorites, sportswear.

In Victoria Secret Sport they offer a great variety of styles with all the colors that you can imagine and for all kinds of sports, because although it seems that it is the same piece, each of them are made of special materials for the type of sport that you make be yoga, swimming or going for a run. Feeling well with the right clothes will help you not be uncomfortable when working out.

This month they have a new collection Train like an Angel, which offers a wide variety of styles in bodies, bras with support for exercises, leggings, sweatshirts, thermal jackets, shirts, and special dresses to look radiant.

The pieces are made of materials to keep you comfortable in the sport, you can find plain fabrics with bright colors, sequins or shiny fabrics and velvet.

In addition, you can find items for sports such as thermos, backpacks, socks to special underwear with unique designs and trend.

Do not sacrifice your style when doing your exercises and take a tour of Victoria Secret Sport where you will find unique styles.


Victoria Secret at La Plaza Mall
2200 S 10th St Space C04 McAllen, TX. 78503
(956) 686 4601

Zara High-End of Fast Fashion.

The term Fast Fashion, is used to refer to clothes stores which move the best clothes showed on runways from luxury brands at low cost.


Zara is one of them and by far the favorite of fashion lovers since each detail on their garments is unique.  On each collection they show how they chose the best trends seen at runways of high prestige and sale them at a pretty much lower cost.

One of the main reasons to fall in love with this brand is that they are capable of having from the design of a cloth to its distribution in only two weeks about 12,000 new designs a year and some 25,000 collections per year! Can you believe this? And it is just that its creator believes in launching mini-collections, this avoids its customers to coincide with the same outfits, few models are manufactured and many different collections.  That is why, when you fall in love with one of its clothes take them right away because there will not be another one in the market again.

And if you are not an online buyer fan we give you one reason to think twice, on their website they update almost 300 garments each week, some of them never make it to the store.  Yes, Zara has thought about everything.

The brand has 5 different lines for woman: Woman, Trafaluc, Studio, Join Life and Ungendered that is why on their labels you will find some of these names followed by their logo, each one of these have different characteristics.  It is important to mention that they do not only make woman clothes, they also have a men, children lines and even for newborns.  Imagine see your favorite fabrics in small models.

For these upcoming celebrations Zara is a great option for some gifts or outfits for these parties.


Zara at La Plaza Mall
2200 S 10th St Space C04 McAllen, TX 78503
(956) 429 3007

SEPHORA: The Most Prestigious Makeup In One Single Place.

Do you imagine entering a place where you can find makeup items, skin products, perfumes, hair products, beauty accessories from prestige brands? In this edition we tell you about this magic place called Sephora as well as some of its secrets.

Sephora is leader and inspiration for its customers, since due to its experience and innovation has gained its reputation as a pioneer in the beauty word.

Here, beauty is in their DNA and is defined by its unique surroundings which has an inventory of products which are from carefully selected brands, with independent characters, favorites of customers, reliable classics and their own brand, SEPHORA COLLECTION.

On each store, you will discover their beauty potential on their makeup studies, skin care and fragrances through technology and from advisory team of products since each one of them is certified as makeup artist and with knowledge for each section they have.

They have around 250 brands, among which the most known are Anastasia Beverly Hills, CHANEL, GLAMGLOW, Kate Von D, Narciso Rodriguez, Smashbox,Tom Ford, Urban Decay and many more.

And as we did not wanted to leave you with half information, we are bringing you some curious data from Sephora which we assure you, some you did not know:

1. It has a points program called Sephora Beauty Insider which offers coupons, discounts and points for usual customers.

2. On each visit, when spending 25 dollars they give you three free samples of any product they have! (It also apply in online purchases)

3. As we told you Sephora is a true specialist in what they do, that is why they created IColor IQ which is their own exclusive technology and Pantone Universe which allows you finding a precise base for your skin tone to find the one that better fits your life style and skin tone.

Sephora at La Plaza Mall Contact:
Address: 2200 S 10th St Space C04 McAllen, TX 78503
Phone: (956) 687 1500

Cover Story: Pinella Fashion Studio

Pinella Fashion Studio is a boutique located at the northern part of McAllen. The owner and creator of this concept are pleased to share their excellent experience in fashion and style with its customers. In Pinella Fashion Studio they select the best pieces from excellent designers worldwide. Depending on your needs and budget, they will recommend you fabulous and fun outfits. The clothes you find in Pinella Fashion Studio will become your favorite options in your closet.

Brands like Elisa Cavaletti, Manila Grace, Trigerlilly, Cambio, Melissa Odabash, Garbe Luxe, Rosa Cha, Rose Munde are of great prestige and an incomparable style in cloths, bath suits, blouses, pants, dresses and more. In shoes and accessories you can find brands such as Miss Jewel, Ilse Jacobsen, Luana, Commando, Karama, Quay and more.

Maria Cepeda has experience in the fashion business. She works as style advisor for more than 10 years. Among its certifications are Personal Stylist, personal shopper and Wardrobe Consultant. Also, she has studied at the prestigious Sterling Style Academy, from New York and has a certificate as fashion buyer, merchandise and fashion marketing in London.

Among the new brands you could acquire in Pinella Fashion Studio will be the Japanese Moussy Jeans. Vist Pinella Fashion Studio and be surprised by the customized advisory that will make all the difference in your outfits, either for a special event or simply to complement your wardrobe, in Pinella Fashion Studio your will find the best selection.

5401 North 10th St Suit 125 Courtyard Plaza,
McAllen Texas
(512) 351-6254options

Jones and Jones

North of the city of McAllen is located the store Jones and Jones which opened its doors in 1929 and since then it has provided excellence in serving the community in becoming the store of more tradition in South Texas.  Here you would find fine jewelry, women clothing, men clothing, items for your home, cutlery sets for your table, high quality bed sheets and fine gifts for all occasions. 

Specifically, at the men’s department, which is the subject we are addressing this time, you can find exclusive brands and a selection of clothes and accessories as in no other place. 

Carefully selected items from prestige brands such as shirts, coats, ties and trousers of the brands Robert Talbott and Bugatchi, socks of Happy Socks, the extraordinary Zanella dress pants, belts of the Torino brand, Georg Roth dress shirts, sport shirts and shirts, Fish Hippie or Culturata brand, and other clothing.


In addition you could find here several leather accessories from Tuscany Leather and Martin Dingman such as garments, covers, travel bags and cases, portfolios, and other prestigious brands. 

Among the services Jones and Jones offers at men’s department is the customized advisory that helps acquiring the pieces that favor you the most.  Either to go fishing, hunting or wear with distinction at your casual work meetings, at Jones and Jones you will find clothes and accessories for your outfit is excellent and of good taste. 

If you need to get your cloths fixed, to fit you, Jones and Jones also has personnel at the store that adjusts the merchandise you acquire and even they send it to you when ready. 

If what you got is to make a gift, they will also deliver it to you beautifully wrapped without additional cost. 

Either for your personal use, for an exceptional gift or to find really unique pieces we invite you to visit or know Jones and Jones Men’s.  You will be surprised with their new collections, more juvenile that will always overcome your expectations of your best tastes.

Kendra Scott announces the opening of her store in McAllen

Kendra Scott announced the great opening of her store in McAllen, at the shopping center La Plaza Mall.

The new boutique is the first retailer location of Kendra Scott in the area of the Rio Grande Valley. This is the store number 75 in the entire country. Together with the customized interior design and the comfortable environment by which the company has been famous, the boutique has a collection of jewelry, fine jewelry, beauty items and home decoration.

The main scenario is the iconic Kendra Scott Color Bar ™, which is an interactive unique experience that allows customers creating unique jewelry and having them ready on your hands in minutes. The Color Bar ™ uses a touch screen monitor and iPads that achieve creating combinations for customers express their unique style through the customization of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Kendra Scott is a caring mother, entrepreneur and passionate designer that believe that the true way of success is to returning something significant to the community. This is a woman with a creative mind that loves natural gems.

Kendra designed her first jewelry collection in 2002. The base for Kendra’s success has been her contagious energy and entrepreneurial spirit that has taken her to transform her business in a fashion brand of one billion dollars recognized worldwide.

Known by her exclusive use of color and quality materials, Kendra has created collections of timeless pieces that have won admirers around the world.

Since she started her company, Kendra has lived by three fundamental values: family, fashion and philanthropy. She created a brand and culture that values authentically the retribution and positive difference in the community. Kendra Scott company keeps an approach on their customers and the causes near their hearts, by respecting the slogan “We have always something to give.”

More information:

Kendra Scott at La Plaza Mall
2200 S 10th St. Suite c-11, McAllen, TX. 78503
(956) 331-2270


With more than seven decades of offering an excellent selection of fine jewelry and of designers, REEDS Jewelers open its doors at La Plaza Mall always feeling honored for being a legacy of style and good taste, thus sharing with their customers the most important celebrations of their lives.

REEDS Jewelers offers jewelry exceptionally elaborated with a great variety of styles. Either you are looking for classic elegance of the traditional concepts in design, a touch of cosmopolitan elegance or a bold and forefront innovation, you can find everything at REEDS Jewelers stores.

Finding a characteristic style that truly express your personality is a discovery you will have for life. Thus there are many options of accessories to increase your life style; one of the most popular is elegant and fine jewelry of fashion collection accessories for daily use, as well as marvelous selections for special occasions.

From pearls to high quality diamonds to pink gold and gemstones, brilliant silver, gold, titanium and more are the materials you can find in REEDS Jewelers, that always offer and higher elegance for special moments of life.

Either you are looking for an engagement ring to make the most important question of your life, a wedding ring to strength your love, or an impressive anniversary ring, collection of rings with an impeccable beauty elaborated with lasting excellence.

REEDS Jewelers has dedicated to provide the best jewelry of the best designers worldwide, such as Swarovski crystals, the famous brand as Pandora, Tous, Forever Beautiful, John Hardy, Scott Kay, REEDS Signature, Gucci, Forevermark, Michael Kors, Roberta Z and more. Each one offers jewelry pieces done with the best specifications.

Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains and pendants for every occasion, charms, rings, watches; REEDS Jewelers have decades of experience providing jewelry options of the highest quality of the best designers from around the world. Also in watches, here you will find brands Rolex, Casio, Gucci, Wittnauer, Hamilton, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Tory Burch. With so many options, we are sure you will find a watch you will love.

More information:

REEDS Jewelers
La Plaza Mall
2200 South 10th St, C43, McAllen, TX 78503
(956) 540-6300

The Man Shop Shoes: high quality footwear for men

Before, men had few options in styles and trends when talking about footwear, today men have a wide amount of options to look spectacular on every opportunity, from head to toe.
The Man Shop Shoes located at La Plaza Mall in McAllen, Texas is an excellent option to find all kind of footwear for men.

For this store the goal is to gain the trust of their customers by offering the best brands and excellent service. The brands they offer, among them, Lacoste, Johnston & Murphy, and many more, only use materials and high quality designs that provide comfort and fashion.

Here you can find formal, sports, casual footwear for all ages, of juvenile style as well as for professionals and formal events. There are shoes for all tastes and occasions.
This store with implacable sideboards reflects the experience that supports them, since through generations; the Westerman family has been synonymous of dedication for service and good taste when serving their customers on their different stores since 1926.

Neil Westerman directs The Man Shop Shoes store, he tell us that one of their most important philosophies is that to underline the service to gentlemen you have to give one hundred present since men also are looking fashionable, with style without losing comfort just as women do, therefore it is always important to seek the best personnel in order for each customer feel heard and served.


Neil did not think to be dedicated to the family business after graduating from the University of Texas, but thanks to his father David Westerman, he decided to continue the tradition and be the head of one of the preferred stores in South Texas. We invite you to visit The Man Shop Shoes at La Plaza Mall, we are sure they will be helping you wedge for success.

More information:

The Man Shop Shoes
La Plaza Mall
2200 S 10th St, McAllen, TX 78503
(956) 686-1145

White House Black Market: who says you can not have everything?

White House Black Market is an omni channel fashion retailer dedicated to making women feel beautiful and confident through polished workwear, black and white pieces and feminine, all-occasion dresses – all delivered through coveted, curated collections and personalized customer service.

As the name says black and white are the hallmark colors of the store, but it also offers garments in seasonal colors and beautiful prints with the highest quality in fabrics and materials.
This store is dedicated to become your favorite place so your wardrobe will always have a great style and exceptional taste.

White House Black Market operates several stores in the United States and Canada, where they sell their exclusive collection of tops, dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Every piece will make you feel that it was made especially for you.

Some of the most representative collections are: Work, which includes head to toe suiting and workwear staples, such as sheath dresses and pencil skirts. The brand also offers a variety of reversible pieces that give you different looks with only one garment. The Body Perfecting Collection will make you feel your best because of their special designs.

The company began in 1985 when the founders opened the first store called The White House, in Baltimore, Maryland. True to its name, the White House only sold women’s clothing in white tones.

In 1991, The White House began its national expansion and added a new commercial format:”Black Market” handling mainly black and white garments but with pops of color and patterned pieces.
In each store you will find fashion experts that provide you the most amazing personal service and will recommend the best options for you to look spectacular in any occasion or event.

White House Black Market operates more than 440 boutiques in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. We invite you to visit the White House Black Market store closest to your location.
You will be surprised!

White House Black Market
La Plaza Mall
2200 South 10th Street Suite H08
McAllen, Texas
(956) 686-3919

Chico’s: How bold are you?

Chico’s started in 1983 as a small boutique selling especially Mexican art and antiques in Sanibel Island, Florida. One day, the owners discovered there were much more to be offered, thus they expanded their options by offering ladies items of excellent taste with beautiful colors, original stamps, artisan details and an excellent customer service.

As result Chico’s is today a big company with more than 500 stores in different countries, specialized in offering ladies clothing designs with styles and combinations for all tastes, always in fashion and with the objective of exalting the woman. Among its clothes you will find sweaters, pants, jackets, bags, accessories, blouses, dresses, outfits, bags, hats, sunglasses and all at great prices.

Chico’s mission is to inspire woman to feel great, regardless their age and to make them feel proud of her individuality. When visiting this store you will be fascinating with their colors, designs and styles that will reflect a confidence in yourself and with an unparalleled personality. In addition, they want to make your life easier therefore some clothes do not need to be ironed, they have a special design for a comfortable waist, there are also convertible garments with applications or pieces that get unattached so you can use them in an event, at work or reversible clothes that give you different looks in only one item.

Chico’s also prepares a monthly catalogue in which you can appreciate their new trends in clothes as well as in accessories, gift certificates and online purchasing.

Chico’s styles will make your figure and personality highlight since Chico’s inspires in fun, fabulous women reflecting joy and confidence.

More information:

1700 S 10th St,
McAllen, TX. 78503
(956) 683-1016