Home Decor: “New year, New Trends”.


In the world of fashion, knowing the new trends is an important part for making an on-point outfit and use pieces according to the season. The same happens with the interior design; new ideas, fabrics, color trends,and more come each year. Here in Home Decor section, will tell you about what’s trending and what will you need to make your home look spectacular.


  • Chic 70s: The funky era is coming back and not only on the clothes but also in the interior design.

  • Nature elements: the colors and textures of neutral colors help to create a more organic and fresh ambient in your home.

  • Pink: This is the perfect color to give an extra touch to your decoration. This can be in the furniture, blankets o small decorations.

  • Metal pieces: Lamps, vases, jewelry boxes and more with this material are pieces that make to enhance your home.

  • Velvet furniture: This is a trend that since 2018 come with all strength, this reminds to the old age and give a classic touch to the house.



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