LEGO quality games for children’s future


Hearing LEGO name countless stories come to mind, remembering those afternoon of games when imagination flew and anything could turn a reality with only some plastic bricks.  This is what made LEGO one of children’s favorite toy.        

This Danish toys’ brand is a faithful believer that providing little ones with great quality games will help them in their future, since by offering children a time to think, create and image while having fun is a great contribution for that special stage.

LEGO not only has toy stores, but also has amusement parks in different parts of the world such as Japan, California, and Dubai among others. They are named LEGOLAND and have different attractions, basically the Disney of lego fans.

Among its different lines of toys are Bionicle, Ninjao, Duplo and Mindstorms a special robotics line for children.  Each one of these is made of bioplastics since 2010, a kind of plastic derived from vegetable products, unlike conventional plastics, which are petroleum products.

Regarding their inspiration for bricks primary colors was nothing less than Piet Mondrain works, which were painted with red, yellow and blue.

This children’s month do not forget to make them happy and go to LEGO store in La Plaza Mall, where you can find their pieces and also you can create something right there with LEGO.