Mercedes Benz G.

G-Klasse Exclusive Edition ;G 63 und G 65 (Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 17,0-13,8 l/100 km; CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 397-322 g/km) G-Class Exclusive Edition; G 63 and G 65 (Fuel consumption combined: 17.0-13.8 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 397-322 g/km)

When you see the SUV G Class from Mercedes Benz, you can imagine that it is only for an easy tour through the jungle or a trip through a rocky mountain, but in fact, it is also true that G Class looks and feels completely different inside.  This is due to its exterior aspect hides a comfortable and luxury, which is perfect for an elegant night out or a family road trip.  This have been making Mercedes-Benx-G-Class so innovative and unique for almost 40 years.

This model can go through secondary roads or even go outside the road easily, providing comfort level not found usually in SUV’s so strong and powerful.  Regardless the situation, the G-Class is ready, available and capable of providing everything you need.

The interior design completely restyled reaches a new level, which offers comfort for all their occupants.  In addition, the environment lighting includes 64 colors, which makes it a singular work of art, each one of colors underline the temperature adjustment.

PTD G – Experience Frankfurt September 2015 G 63 AMG Edition 464 Polar weiss

Regarding its systems, it has three differential locks with a blocking action of 100 %.  These locks can be activated manually to be able to face the most committed situations including extreme cases in which only one wheel has enough traction.  Its digital visualizer makes a more content variable exhibition possible, and therefore, it allows better perceiving the vehicle functions.  It is also possible to integrate compatible smartphones with the operative system Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto, this enables the access to software and current data as browsing , multimedia, as well as contact data, phone and messages, this to avoid the driver from distracting when driving.

Regarding its sound, it has 15 high performance speakers, a DSP amplifier and acoustic elements adapted with great precision, which assures Burmester sonority.  Surround function and optimized sound for front and rear positions make possible to configure an even more intense acoustic experience.

Last but not least important are its spectacular eight cylinder engines from G Class adapt to any situation.  In the driving programs of Comfort or Economic, and in medium and low revolutions regime, the engine operates efficiently in 4 cylinders regime. When the driver request more power from the engine through the accelerator, cylinders 2, 3, 5 and 8 reconnect immediately.

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