Milk Makeup – Vegan Makeup


When perfect makeup products are found, sometimes is difficult, opportunity is given to new brands of trying their products.  Such is the case of MILK, a brand that took a while to make itself known and which without doubt everyone must try.

MILK Makeup was born in NY with the idea of provide the community with products made with good ingredients.  Which leads to each one of them is completely vegan with nutritious formulas, as well as free of parabens, an ingredient some makeup products have and that works as a preservative; however, although it contains a small amount in the long run can damage the skin, MILK instead of using it includes natural oils, fruit and vegetable butters, and with any or a small amount of preservatives.

Another thing the Brand bets on is its branding.  Each picture, campaign and package has that “cool” touch as they say and it is different from other brands in addition of having 100 % recyclable packages.

One of their mains products is the cannabis based eyelash mask, yes cannabis.  Since the beginning of the brand it wanted to create a product that shows the incredible properties of cannabis oil.  Although it has been a very controversial subject the brand took the risk and bet on that.  The fact of the product containing this ingredient creates a creamy texture that allows a softer application on eyelashes creating volume and providing an additional conditioning benefit.

Its Milk and Melt technology is another thing that characterizes this formula, which is made from a unique combination of coconut waxes melting on skin in contact with body heat.  This means makeup perfectly combines with skin, instead of being only on it.  And who does not want that? Dare and try these products and find them in SEPHORA at La Plaza Mall.