Must haves for New Year´s Eve.


New Year’s Eve parties are the perfect excuse to make your outfit glamorous and extravagant.  On this article we show you the pieces that definitively cannot be missed from your closet, those that will give your outfit an extra touch.  Find all these clothes and many more such as sequin dresses, hairy coats and hills at OJ Collection.

1.-Silk blouses or with details: if you are those that prefer using a comfortable trousers instead of a skirt, this is an excellent option since this kind of blouses give a most formal and fun touch to your outfit, chose some with an open back or with details such as sequins.  $77.99 USD.

2.-Extravagant coats: this clothing is something that makes everyone crazy because it provides a completely different touch to your outfit since when using it makes the most casual look be different and formal.  $54.99 USD.



3.-Sets: this set of clothing helps you to quick get an outfit together and one of the advantages is that as they are separated up and down, it helps you to combine them in many ways in a future.  As a tip, those that go with a less covered or short cloths, you can combine with a coat or jacket and see how it will make it look better.  BLACK SET: $164.99 USD  / GREEN SET: $87 USD









Visit OJ Collection and you will find different options, recognized brands such as Carolina Herrera or Gucci, an excellent option for Christmas gifts.


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