Seas Food Festival in SeaWorld


SeaWorld will always be an excellent option to visit whatever the occasion since it provides special moments full of fun for hours.

As of April 19th to May 27th they will be having a special celebration named Seven Seas Food Festival.  Such Festival is a celebration of flavors, cooking and cultures, which has been celebrated for 5 years and takes place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of the aforementioned period.

In Seven Seas Food Festival you can enjoy delicious dishes, from exotic to classic ones, as well as tasting unique wines, crafted cocktails and imported beers.

Additionally they will have live music, shows and more, everything on a festival style environment.  Children are also welcomed thus there is nothing to worry about.

Prices Rank from $ 60 USD.  San Antonio is an excellent option to visit and create unique moments with family and friends.