The Healthy Point – a Healthy Life in one place


A place with everything to start a healthy life is opening its doors, it is The Healthy Point, a holistic place north 10th Street.

This Project began a year ago with the inspiration of a mother willing to help her 10 years child – who has autism – in having a healthy life with food alternatives helping his diet.

After one year, the project became a holistic space – as its owner prefers to call it –  where flowers, nature and color is something that prevails and is according to the dishes they offer, thus offering a different and ecofriendly environment.

Magic about this place is that it is not merely a cafeteria offering smoothie bowls, a vegetarian menu and brunch, but it is also a small market where you can find wafers, oatmeal gorditas, soy chicharron, berries, beauty products, teas, among others, and that is not all, they have a nutritionist and classes, everything to start a healthy life!

They have yoga classes, Pilates, piyo (mixture of yoga and Pilates) and hit cardio, with 5 hours in the morning and 3 afternoon from Monday to Friday.

If you are looking for physical and mental improvement, The Healthy Point is the correct place where you can also find quality, love and passion on everything you do or consume.  Visit them from 6 am to 9 pm.