Trend on bathing suits.


Warm season has arrived, beach and pool party, therefore having one or two bathing suits on hand is fundamental in your wardrobe.  This edition will show you which the most popular styles are for this 2019.

Leopard Print.

Animal print is a trend arriving strong since last year and bathing suits are no exception.  However, those more seen are leopard print.


Tankinis, high cut bikinis, bathing suits inspired in lingerie are just ones of the pieces more seen in stores, since this year they are inspired in the 70’s and 90’s

High cut bikinis.

If your are seeking to style your legs and look taller, this style is for you.  Using high cut bikinis or complete bathing suits with this characteristic helps you look taller.


Pastel or honey yellow is a color that has been present in all bathing suits, since it goes hand by hand with summer colors and landscapes.  Complete or two pieces are perfect.


This trend arrived last summer; however, it returned on last spring runways, a style that help you look different and with a smaller waist.

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