Victoria Secret.


Working out doesn’t mean you have to always wear loose clothes or non-style clothes. There are many trendy items, and you’re going to feel very motivated when you see them only for their beautiful designs.

Victoria Secret has many options, the brand not only do lingerie but also beauty products, a special line for teenagers and one of the favorites, sportswear.

In Victoria Secret Sport they offer a great variety of styles with all the colors that you can imagine and for all kinds of sports, because although it seems that it is the same piece, each of them are made of special materials for the type of sport that you make be yoga, swimming or going for a run. Feeling well with the right clothes will help you not be uncomfortable when working out.

This month they have a new collection Train like an Angel, which offers a wide variety of styles in bodies, bras with support for exercises, leggings, sweatshirts, thermal jackets, shirts, and special dresses to look radiant.

The pieces are made of materials to keep you comfortable in the sport, you can find plain fabrics with bright colors, sequins or shiny fabrics and velvet.

In addition, you can find items for sports such as thermos, backpacks, socks to special underwear with unique designs and trend.

Do not sacrifice your style when doing your exercises and take a tour of Victoria Secret Sport where you will find unique styles.


Victoria Secret at La Plaza Mall
2200 S 10th St Space C04 McAllen, TX. 78503
(956) 686 4601