YARD HOUSE: The Place With Good Food, Classic Rock And Barrel Beers.


Located at the new area of La Plaza Mall, is Yard House, a modern American place, in which you will find the largest selection of barrel beers from the world, and when they say that is because they really have it since they offer more than 110 barrel beers.  In this place you can see their glazed barrels and controlled temperature, which have more than 3,000 gallons of beer.  Inside the glazed barrel beers are selected beers of limited edition.  This barrel beer system is a network with miles of beer lines that go from the barrels room to the center of the bar.

Their wide menu offers more than 100 dishes elaborated made at the moment, as well as they also show American favorites with a selection of flavors from world inspiration, from salads, street tacos and grilled hamburgers to seafood, meat and ribs.  And for those vegetarians, Yard House has vegetarian and gluten free options.

If you are a rock lover you will fall in love with this place since they have an environment where you can listen to classic and current rock hits.  Regarding their furniture you will see abstract art work from Jerome Gastaldi, a vibrant artist that creates art to reflect the regional surroundings of each restaurant.

McAllen Yard House opens every day at 11 am and closes between 1 and 1:30 am, according to the day of the week.  Do not miss this restaurant, with its great variety of beers and dishes you will fall in love with.


Yard House
2200 S 10th St Space C04 McAllen, TX 78503
(956) 664 1878